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Parameters of Plastic Package Box
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 The plastic package box includes plastic turnover box, food plastic turnover box, drinks plastic turnover box, plastic logistics turnover box and anti-static plastic turnover box, etc. The general plastic package material is mainly disposable. The hollow plate of the advanced PP and PE hollow plate standard production line is up to 2,200 mm wide and 12 mm thick so it can be applied to produce all specifications of cargo package of plastic turnover box and container. Featured with light material, high strength, non-toxic and non-polluted, water and moisture proof, acid and alkaline corrosion resistance, oil contamination resistance and rich color and excellent eco-friendly and second processing property, the product can be processed into plastic turnover box, plastic fruit and vegetable box, plastic turnover crate, plastic pallet, plastic automobile backing board and plastic automobile internal decoration board, etc. and is a new eco-friendly package material for many advanced countries.

Plastic Turnover Box
Internal Volume: 53.3L Material: Impact Resistance Modified HDPE External Size: 540*420 *235 mm Flat container cover is optional. Internal Size: 500*380*228mm Plastic card holder is optional. Color: Blue, Red, Green, White, Orange and Yellow
Load Bearing of Single Box: ≤20kg Every 100 boxes are 3.55m3. Load Bearing for Stack: ≤ 100kg. The plastic turnover box is widely applied to automobile, home appliances, commercial circulation, distribution and warehousing and can realize machinery transportation when cooperated with the plastic pallet of the company to make the circulation more rational and efficient, product flow more convenient, stack more neat and management easier. The rational design and excellent quality make the product suitable to the transportation, storage, circulation and processing and other closed loop distribution system and greatly reduce the storage cost.


1.The outer size indicates the largest size of the logistic box without cover (The standard box means the largest size)
2.The logistic box should be 15mm higher if the cover is optional.
3.The effective size means the bottom size of the logistic box;
4.The load bearing of the logistic box means the well-distributed load in the suitable environment temperature.
5.It is up to the actual product sample.
6.The enterprise standard of the standard logistic turnover box is listed below: Both the size error and weight error should be less than 3%. The lateral deformation rate should be less than 1%. The plane deformation of the box bottom should be less than 5mm and the diagonal change rate inside the box should be not less than 1%.
7.The applicable environment temperature is between -25℃and +80℃. (Direct exposure to sunshine and approximation to heat resource should be avoided.)
8.Shelf Life: In normal operation condition, the product shelf life is three years. During shelf life period, the product can be changed to a new one if there are any damages. Costs arising from the process should be borne by the supplier (Applied only to domestic customers). The supplier should have maintenance obligation for problems arising during the use period (It is applicable only to product problems but for man-made damage.) Free services are available for problems arising after quality warranty period. As for accessories changing, the demanding party should bear the corresponding costs (the self-cost of the component).

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