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 Currently, competition among the plastic industry is quite intense, so how to reduce product cost and increase product competitive power becomes a core problem confronting each company. As electric power accounts much in the cost of plastic product, to apply the electromagnetic heat technology can effectively reduce the production cost of company products and enhance competitive power.

Current Status of Domestic Plastic Industry

A.The Status of Application Industry:
The product is mainly applied to plastic product, plastic film, plastic granulation, drawing molding and pipe companies. Currently, these companies all adopt electric ring to heat the charging barrel and die to dissolve the plastic material and then produce finished products by injection molding, stretching and extrusion.

B.Potential Problems

1.Great Heat Loss: The modern companies adopt the heat method by winding the resistance wire which can be heated in both of its internal and external sides with the heat of internal side (closely attached to charging barrel) passing to heating barrel and the major heat of the external side lost to the air and causing power waste.

2.The Rise of Environment Temperature: Because of the tremendous loss of heat and the temperature rising in the surrounding atmosphere, the site working temperature is more than 45℃. Some companies have to resort to air conditioner in which way the energy is wasted in the second time.

3.Short Shelf Life And Large Amount of Repair: Since the resistance wire is adopted to heat, the heat temperature is as high as 300℃ and the resistance wire is easily burned by high temperature and aging with only half a year of shelf life. Therefore, the repair work is relatively heavy.

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