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A hollow plate (also called hollow grid board, universal board, corrugated board and double-wall board) with the English name of pp plate sheet is a new material featured with light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, non-polluted, water proof, resistance to shock, aging, corrosion and rich color. The hollow plate has the advantage of resistance to moisture and corrosion compared with paper plate structure product and the advantage of resistance to shock and flexible to design and no demand to open injection mold compared with injection mold product. Meanwhile, the plate can be added with anti-static and conductive material with the flexible control of raw material to produce plastic hollow plate functioned with conductive and anti-static property. The surface resistivity of such kind of anti-static plate can be controlled between 103 and 1011. (But the hollow plate cannot be cut to 90° right angle because of plate material.)


The hollow plate is mainly applied to electronics, packaging, machinery, light industry, postal services, food, medicine, pesticide, home appliance, advertising, decoration, stationery, magneto-optical technology, bio-engineering medicine and healthcare, etc. and is a new eco-friendly package material.

PP hollow plate is a green and eco-friendly material and widely applied overseas. Yet it is initially applied in China by gradually taking place of some corrugated paper packaging materials. Now some domestic companies begin to develop some building material. PP hollowed plate is called universal plate because of its wild and convenient application to advertising background, stationery material, industrial package and anti-shock for products. The most frequent things we know are turnover box, removable combination box, finished package box and box partition plate, etc. The hollow plate is generally made by adopting non-polluted, recyclable and thermal plastic Polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (HDPE) resin, and various accessories. Another Polycarbonate (PC) hollow plate is also named solar panel, glass Caprong panel and PC hollow board that are processed by high-performance engineering plastic PC resin. With the characteristics of high transparency, light quality, impact resistance, noise insolation, heat insolation, inflaming retarding and anti-aging, PC hollow plate is a high-tech, quite outstanding and eco-friendly plastic plate that is widely applied as plastic building material in the world.

Main Applications:

The main applications of the hollow plate supplied by us include:

Hallow plate (a kind of new plastic package material)

1. Hollow plate is mainly an eco-friendly alternative material to corrugated paper plate, wood plate and metal plate, etc.

2.Turnover box, component turnover box, food turnover box, drinks turnover box, pesticide package box, the internal package for precise instrument, the backing board and partition board for electronic component package and transportation storage turnover box, etc.

3. Industrial board including the outer package protection for all things, backing board, shelving board, partition board, turning over board and cross-board;

4. Electronic industry package. Conductive package products are mainly applied to the package of electronic component for the purpose of avoiding contact with other things with charge and leading to component damage because of charge friction sparks. In addition, there are conductive and anti-static plastic board and turnover box, etc.

5. Advertising decoration: Display cards, merchandise signage, billboards, light boxes, window shape, etc.

6. House Application: Temporary partition for residential houses, wall shield, ceiling plate and container cover, etc.

7. Miscellaneous. It is applied to the back board of washing machine, automobile, heater and baby carriage and the backing board for package and transportation.

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